UE 4 Buy options

EPIC please make the UE4 available with Paypal or Ideal i really want to use the UE4 but we dont use CC over here at all mostly we use Ideal
There is no way for me and many like me to get hold of the UE4, or will a pre-paid credit card also work ?


Well i just tried a Visa voucher from and it worked, as these are one time only use vouchers my sub wont be able to recure on montly basis so please have PayPal within a month :wink:

They will include paypal in the future:

"We are currently working on implementing paypal, though I do not have a definite timeline. You may find the other thread: to have more information on the subject. Thank you and have a great day. "

Ah i see…nice !! pretty weird though they dont have a timeline for it Paypal is really easy to implement isn’t it

The thing is, it’s not just up to them, there’s a third party involved, which is responsible for the transactions, but all in all, it’s coming.