UE 4 and Education

I have attended Art Institute of Pittsburgh awhile ago and will be going back to finish up later this year. We use 3DS Max and UDK there last I checked. I was wondering when UE 4 will be licenses to Educational classrooms you think. I would hate to have to go back and still use UDK when it is old news now. Just a question.

Is Epic pushing UE 4 onto students more and schools so they know “hey we have a new engine out, please use it”? I hope so because using UDK again when UE 4 is out would be a drag as I would be using UE 4 personally and UDK as a student. :frowning:

Hi Ryzon,

UE4 is already available to academic institutions under very reasonable terms. The problem is that it’s so new that everyone’s still learning it. And once they’ve learnt it, it still takes a fair bit of time to generate the amount of training that’s required to cover something as complex as UE4 properly.

One off tutes are great of course, but when you’re doing training for a course it’s not just about having a tute here and a tute there, it’s about designing a learning pathway that evolves people from not knowing much at all through to a point where they not only know how to do stuff, but also understand why they did what they did the way they did it.

Well I hope schools pick it up quick because I do not feel like using 2 engines at a time. Knowing one is old news lol! :slight_smile:

You should try talking to someone from your college department about this.

yeah they say we do not handle that course you will have to ask your teacher when you start classes. I am like do you people know anything? HAHA!

Hi -

Educational institutions can pay for one $20 subscription and then install UE4 on all of their computers - whether that’s 10 machines or 1000. Please tell you teachers / professors / administrators. We’re working on curriculum.

The EULA has all the details.

Thanks and let us know if we can help!

Thanks Paul that would be great. I rather stay involved with UE 4 and not continue in UDK.

It’s probably provided by a game development/design college at your school then. I’m surprised at how unhelpful they were though, especially considering how much private schools cost…

Schools like to get your $'s and give you a piece of paper in 4 years lol! :slight_smile: I learn more off of Youtube and that costs me nothing but my time. I swear if it was not for a stupid piece of **** paper I would never have went or continue to go to any higher learning Institute.

That piece of paper is not really worthless. It shows that you took the time and made a huge investment in yourself. This in turn show prospective employers that you actually care about your future. Granted that you might learn more from youtube but what schools also do is get you into an environment with like minded people and that really help you push your self. I went to a really bad game design school but now I work in the industry and I also get to travel around the world because of it. That “stupid piece of paper” also helped me get my working visa’s faster because no country want to just let some person in who is not educated. Just my 2 cents…

Yes, but in this day and age experience beats out education. That investment you put into yourself becomes your life long debt if you never make it in whatever you went to school for. That piece of paper also does not guarantee you anything. But you guaranteed that school $30k+ more in their bank accounts. How can i go to regular school for 10+ years and not pay a dime except for lunches and maybe field trips. But 4 years of college costs me Thousands? They act as if we have that money laying around. even financial aid and scholarships are limited to who gets them and how much they cover. being 20 something and already in debt 30k+ from student loans and not even a crack into your career is a punch to the gut. Schools of higher learning or not it is still a school with teachers. Why are they taking thousands from me? Specially when I do all the work? Specially if you attend an online school. These are questions I would like to be heard.


We bust our butts to hopefully make it.

They sign a few papers, give you the work and they make bank every time.

We fail in our pursuit to make it a career, they still make bank.

I would much rather pay $45/month for digital tutors learn everything from top to bottom and go freelance and it only $500+ a year or less for 4 years and be very experienced than $30k+ and that is a low ball number.

Sadly I already invested too much time into college to stop now but I sure hope others think carefully on what options they have. I know people with Master degrees sitting at home on the unemployment line.