UE 4 and 5 Freezes on pasting huge array of vertices

Hey there, i’m trying to paste 40k Vectors in Vector Array in BP but engine just freeze my PC. Is there any other way to paste huge data in Array without using Ctrl+V?

You could try having several smaller arrays then combine them into one big array, if that’s what you need. Can you expand more on what you’re trying to do exactly?

no it takes to many time to append them

so create an array of vectors arrays and that can dynamically be resized! the vector array will have a fix size, once the size is meet, you add a new array and proceed to fill it and ainsi de suite!

but I don’t think this whole thing is a good idea to store much data using Blueprint variables, it is too much data and that can break on some target computer!

yeah, i think the same. i tried to generate this vectors runtime and it takes same time so i think problem is in vectro class. i tried to add 240k ints in array and it takes about a second to paste this values