UE 4.9 Suggestion: Quality of Life Improvement release

Just a quick suggestion; after the huge update in 4.8, I wonder if we could get a release (4.9) that would focus more on “quality of life” improvements rather than “new and stunning tools”. At this stage, it would seem appropriate to do a massive “Bug-Squashing”, existing tool improvements, and optimization release. That way, instead of releasing something new, albeit hugely impressive, we could get a huge set of bug fixes, existing tool improvements, and optimization out there before introducing more bugs (as we all know happens unfortunately) that inevitably is released with new features.

I second that idea , a stable release and less tools for 4.9


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It would be great if a few experimental features were finished as well.

(Super Hexagon?)

Since the engine is now free and “keeping people subscribed with exciting updates every month” is no longer a thing, Epic needs UE4 users to release successful games to make money and I agree that getting rid of the bugs plays a huge role in that. I lose way too many development ours doing detours around the minefields.


if u make a multiplayer game like me
the delay node will be youre best friend (or mother).i think its becouse the blueprint is slow on replicating .
this need to be fixed ASAP

Eighted! Also mabye some fun improvements to the Blueprint only networking (almost there- just needs dedicated server options/nodes, team based player/AI support- if Blueprints can do all that ShooterGame can (regarding networking) in the future, there won’t be anything else I’d like to see improved!


Also, I am getting ready to finally beat that stupid game.

would be great if ue4 was a lot less sketchy. please prioritize adding polish and optimizing the existing features.
isn’t this something everybody wants and has wanted since the beginning?..

4.8? That’s still not a public release though. It goes through 4-5 rounds of public Preview Builds before it’s a stable public release.

(because 7 8 9…windows 10:cool:)
Hey guys I just posted this, its relevant to this thread and I want some opinions.

I totally support this… sure… we need new “stunning” features and tools and GI and huge open worlds and all that (:p) but if the cost of that is to have a buggy engine (let’s face it, UE4 has been pretty buggy so far… and it seems to be getting worse) then personally, I would rather have zero new features for 4.9.

I think it’s completely worth it to sacrifice a month or two JUST for quality improvement and bug hunting… it’s completely reasonable IMO, all things considered.

I’m seeing loads less editor crashes now…4.7 has been the most stable release yet. In fact, I now believe I could make a finished product with it. My point being that they are working on bug fixes already and should give me loadsa new cool features alongside the fixes, I wanna see soft body physics implemented and I’d like the ability to use multiple materials for landscape paint-able layers (rather than making the layers in the material), I believe both of these were possible in UE3/UDK…

What if it was called like, 4.7.5 or something. Shouldn’t a new point release be with actual new features while bug fixes are more of part of the current version?

Couldn’t agree more. Quality is something UE4 needs desperately.

Usually it depends on the extensiveness of the patch / version release and manpower involved. For something like this, it would be to squash most of the existing bugs that are in the ticketing system and finalize all of the optimizations / tool improvements that are currently on the Trello that are not slated for 4.8 release.

The reason I recommend a straight up 4.9 release is to give the illusion that a major patch hits on a regular basis. If something like this, or what I am thinking of, was released as a point release, it would be twice as long to release a major feature patch than what has been the pattern so far.

Jimmy: I realize that 4.8 is the next release, hence why this thread is for a 4.9 release :wink:

i would think 4.10 then 4.15 , 4.20 and so on would be good for these sorts of things? i liked the longer cycle for 4.7 as well. 4.10 should be special and get lots and lots of polish.

While I agreed at first, I actually don’t see the point. Why bother making a super-stable release for 4.9 which adds zero features, when in the next build all the new features will likely break stability again anyway.

I think it makes more sense in the long run, to add in all the new features they need as soon as possible, so that subsequent released polish the engine as a whole, rather than just in pieces which will only end up broken further down the line again anyway. It’s more efficient this way. That, and I honestly don’t think there’s anything SO broken in the engine that it desperately needs that kind of attention.

4.7 hasn’t been the smoothest release ever, it’s needed six hotfixes and I wasn’t a huge fan of the preview system either (though I can understand why it was done). For a while it seemed like Epic were pushing for bi-monthly releases or so, but I’d rather see longer times between releases so that it’s only out when it’s 100% ready.