UE 4.9.2 Crash report at 35% (Mac OS 10.11.3)

I just launch editor and he crash at 35%. What me do?
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Hi Berenoid,

With the editor closed, try deleting the contents of the DerivedDataCache file and try again. If this does not work, delete the entire DerivedDataCache folder itself (it will rebuild this directory.)


If this does not work, please post your system specs loaded here: Apple menu >About This Mac>More Info> Add the information from this window (serial # not necessary).




What you mentioned above, in a similar theme has already been described. All this I did before all else fails. The most annoying is that I have finished a project for a mobile device and now can not do anything.

Using the crash data from your crash log, we have determined that the bug you are experiencing has already been reported as JIRA [UE-24658] which is not currently fixed. This issue was initially reported on this AnswerHub post, which includes a user’s workaround, which may contain useful information to help you resolve your issue:


A couple of other things you can try are:

  1. With the editor closed, temporarily remove all project files from the Unreal Projects folder and restart the editor
  2. With all projects still removed, delete engine versions from the Launcher Library, reinstall engine version, Launch engine with no projects in the “Unreal Projects” folder (to make sure it launches) then add problem project back only
  3. Be sure to launch 4.9 ONLY -not opening to the project as set in Project Setting- THEN, select the project to open after editor has already launched and opened to a blank template project
  4. With the editor closed, after saving a copy of the project, delete Unreal Projects>[Your Project]>Intermediate folder -then launch editor to new blank template -then open your custom project