UE 4.8 Nav Mesh Bounds Volume doesn't show green/red nav area

I am trying to work through the tutorials on AI and Navigation Mesh. I am using the basic 3rd person template with nothing but the default scene. I have tried several times to put the Nav Mesh Bounds Volume in the scene, the editor says that it is building navigation, and the green/red areas do not show.

I have tried

  • moving the bounds volume
  • building the geometry and lighting
  • deleting and putting in a new bounds volume
  • restarting the engine
  • and have searched the various settings for anything that might show them

Nothing has worked.

I am using 4.8.2 which as far as I can tell is the latest public release.


Bill Westlake

Did pushing ā€œpā€ work.

or hitting ~ and typing Show Navigation ?

Hitting P did not work, and none of the other commands worked. Then about an hour later, while I was working on something else it just popped on.