UE 4.8.3 didnt want to update to 4.9


I got this problem got 2 pc on both got UE 4.8.3 version on first update go smooth and fast all automatic after prompt that new version is avaible. But on other PC i dont have any prompt all i can do (that i’m doing it right now) is to download new version separately. On PC with problem i got 1 project created from the beginning on this machine and on the second one got only project that i copy from other machine.

Just download the new engine on your PC -> Library Tab - choose the version - install it and after that go to your project that you want to update - right click on the uproject file in the project folder - “switch unreal engine version” - choose the new version - click ok - start the project with the uproject file :slight_smile:

ok well this help in some way but still wondering why it didn’t want to update automatically like on my other pc. Ah nevermind thx for help.