UE 4.7 editor crash when trying to edit BP during imersive mode and get back

Simple steps:

create new blueprint (I created actor BP)

put it on scene

open this blueprint and put it on same tab as viewport is (screen shot)

got to imersive mode (F11)

select blueprint on scene

press ctrl + E to edit this BP

press F11 to get back from imersive mode


It doesn’t matter this BP was opened earlier or not. I tested it on 4.7 on clean third person template.

Greetings ,

Thank you very much for your report regarding the crash found while using immersive mode. I have been able to successfully reproduce this in house and have submitted a bug report for you. If you would like any updates on this issue, or have any questions please feel free to contact us referencing (UE-11084).


I tested it on 4.7.2 - and it still occurs. I’ve send a crash log with bug reference.


Thank you for letting us know that it’s still occurring in 4.7.2. I wanted to let you know that I did check up on the bug report I submitted and they’re still working on this issue.