[UE 4.7.3] GatherText improper source code parsing


When preparing localizations for game, we have encountered a problem.
Some of translations weren’t imported to .archive.

It was caused by UNIX end-of-line encoding.
When we have switched to CR LF (WIndows) it started to work.

It should be fixed.

Hey -

Could you elaborate on your issue for me? Which languages were not imported? If possible can you provide a small text file with sample translations and let us know how you’re implementing the localization?


Every language from EFIGS, we’re currently supporting.
It was more related to specific file (because of EOL encoding) than Language.

To reproduce this, add simple NSLOCTEXT or LOCTEXT macro to .cpp file (and set then Unix encoding using Viusal Studio → File → Advanced Save Options), then run GatherTextFromSource and note, that .archive doesn’t contain this text.

CL# 2466824 and then CL# 2466827 should resolve the issue.