UE 4.6 crash on trying to play

I’m not sure this is right section, but basically I was working on a sub level blueprint when I had a power outage. Got everything back up and everything seems to work, except when I try to play in editor or do anything with sub level blueprint I was working on before outage, UE4 crashes:

I tried using backup files of map, but that didn’t resolve issue. I have a feeling it’s a corruption issue, but if this is case, where can I find a backup of a sub level blueprint? Or is there another way around this? Thank you!

Turns out power outage had nothing to do with it and nothing was corrupt. I had same problem described here, with same workaround: Unreal Tournament Forum Downtime

This is definitely some kind of bug related to event dispatchers. In any case, after deleting BPs calling event dispatcher and then deleting nodes in level BP, I can compile and play with no problems now.

Hi Drgy55,

This is a known crash that occurs as a result of Event Dispatchers, which can usually be recreating Event Dispatcher. We have it reported as UE-7289, and we cannot reproduce it internally but we believe code causing it has been fixed for 4.8. For now, you may need to find another blueprint communication method, or delete/recreate dispatchers if this problem arises again. Thanks for report!

Late reply here, just wanted to say thanks for letting me know! I did end up doing it over just using booleans with no issues.