UE 4.6.1 Invisible cursor shipping fullscreen

Hello, On my PC everything is ok but when I run shipped game on my laptop in fullscreen mode cursor is invisible.
I try this - YouTube but still nothing.
I use windows 7 professional on my PC (OK), windows 7 Home Edition on Laptop (Invisible cursor).
If You know how to fix it before custom pointers release I really appreciate.

Hello Tefel,

We appreciate your post. Have you tried pressing Shift+F1?


Yes I did, still nothing.
Is there any hotkey working after game build?

It seems also that MODIFYSOUNDCLASS MASTER VOL command works only in editor mode not shipping ;/

Is it matter that I build project for Windows (32 bit) using Pak file?

I removed synaptics pointing device driver and it helped.

Still I don’t know how can I adjust volume in shipped version.

Hi Tefel,

I am glad that you were able to work out the pointer issue by removing the synaptics drivers. i have had issues with those drivers myself. I will look into the volume issue a little further this afternoon and let you know if I have any progress.