Ue 4.6.1 breaks on right click press of asset


i needed to migrate a blueprint for one project to the other. Migrating copies the asset and all the dependencies (I only wanted that one blueprint) and exporting works, but importing does nothing (never tested why)

i thought a can try to copy the blueprint file itself (.ueasset), and this is where the problem starts

the blueprint shows directly in the new project, if i do anything other then left clicking on the blueprint, ue crashes

link text

log file:
link text

steps to reproduce crash:

-2 projects built using the same 4.6.1 engine
-manually copy the blueprint file(.ueasset) while both projects are open in the editor
-the file shows directly in the editor
-right-click on the new blueprint

Hi ,

Instead of manually moving files between projects, try using the “Migrate” feature. If you right click on the folders you want to transfer over in the content browser and press “migrate”, you can select which project they go to and move them safely over. Were you attempting to drag between content browsers or did you have both windows explorer filepaths open and attempted to drag them through those windows?


i did try to copy/paste the content of the blueprint directy from an instance of the editor to another

i still want to validate the engine in case i broke something, but for some reason, all users in my country (that i know of) can’t connect to unreal website/engine/marketplace

That may be caused by the IP blocks that went into effect before GDC. Due to international sanctions and trade restrictions we increased IP blocks to ensure that we were complying with US and international laws. However, for a number of countries, those blocks will be removed by ~Thursday because we have determined that the specific sanctions do not apply to the Unreal Engine 4. You can find out more information about this here: Why developers in Belarus were blocked ? It is longer impossible to download UE4. - Feedback & Requests - Epic Developer Community Forums