[ue 4.5-pre] slot name BUG

Inside the HeroTPP_AnimBlueprint, the Slot between default and Final Animation Pose, is not accepting the Slot Name.

Hey ,

I just checked in our internal build and it looks like that has since been fixed. We haven’t branched the final 4.5 preview quite yet, so that will most likely not appear when we release. If it is still an issue after the 4.5 release, please let me know and I’ll make sure it gets put into a fix.


Ok. Thanks.

I’m getting this bug in the 4.5 release. Any suggestions on how to fix it?


Hi Dann,

The fix did not make it into 4.5 or 4.5.1, but the bug should only affect being able to see the name on the node itself. If you change the Slot Name in the details panel, it will still work if it is set up correctly. The name just appears erroneously.

I have tested it in our build and it is working as intended, so this will be in our next release as long as everything goes according to plans.