[UE 4.5.1]FloadingScreen MoviePaths and Video Format

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to realize an Animated Loading screen and avoid that UE4 freeze the main thread of the game when I run an open Level instruction.

I understood that this is not doable using Blueprints, I’m trying to make work the FLoadingScreenAtrributes to play a movie between a Level to another.

void UWWS_BlueprintFunctionLibrary::ShowLoadingScreen()
	FLoadingScreenAttributes LoadingScreen;
	LoadingScreen.bAutoCompleteWhenLoadingCompletes = false;
	LoadingScreen.bMoviesAreSkippable = false;
	LoadingScreen.MinimumLoadingScreenDisplayTime = 10;
	//LoadingScreen.WidgetLoadingScreen = FLoadingScreenAttributes::NewTestLoadingScreenWidget();




From the documentation I found I need to specify only the name of the video I want to play.
In this code I’m trying to play the video just to see what happen when I call this function, and what I obtain is just a black screen.

Inside my Unreal Project I have put inside this folder Content/Movies the video that I want to play , first encoding it in .mp4 , then in .wmv . And I had not success with both

What I’m doing wrong?

I also encountered the same problem,are you solved?

Yes, the problem was the video format. Encoding the video in .MP4 with H.264 @ 720p and 25 fps, it solved my problem.

Yes, the problem was the video format. Encoding the video in .MP4 with H.264 @ 720p and 25 fps solved my problem.

My video format is correct, Maybe the other problems.thanks

Don’t forget to run the project as stand alone game, playing inside viewport or on a new editor window will not work