UE 4.4 - crash using attaching blueprint in construction script

During production of my game I encountered crash, which has 100% reproducibility and I can’t find workaround
so it’s block my progress for now. I wanted to make a video of and write steps to repro but
it’s too complicated so I tried to do same thing on new project.
I’m using 4.4

Unfortunately it crash even in weirder way.

What I’m trying to do:
I have a 2 blueprints - one is projectile (particle) and other is damage volume. Damage volume is moving.
I want attach damage volume in construction script.

In my game it crashes in 80% cases when I hit play. In new project, in 100% cases when I hit compile.
Surprisingly particle in blueprint disappear.

I made a video reproducing this bug:

Short steps:

  • make 2 blueprints - one with volume and another with particle
  • in volume BP, in costruction script, attach it to other BP particle
  • make particle BP variable editable
  • place both BP on scene
  • in volume BP chose particle BP
  • open graph from particle BP
  • compile
  • crash

I appreciated any help.

Edit: It crashes as well in my main game when I hit compile, so I guess it’s the same bug.

Hi HamsterPL,

Thank you for the detailed steps and video! :slight_smile:

I was able to reproduce this and do it without a few of the steps to make it easier for our developers to reproduce.
I’ve submitted a bug report for this (TTP: 344555) but there is no time line for when this will be addressed.

Once I get confirmation that this has been fixed, I’ll test it and post back here with any updates.

Thank you!