UE 4.27 support in Quixel Bridge released!

The Bridge plugin for UE 4.27 just dropped, and here’s what’s new:

  • Support for UE4.27.
  • Fixed issue where Metalness maps were not being imported.
  • Fixed issue where missing LOD meshes were causing UE to crash.
  • Fixed issue where upon UE crashing, new material folders were being created.
  • Fixed issue where exporting UDIM with multi-resolution textures did not correctly apply the material on the asset.
  • Fixed issue where .OBJ files of some 3D assets were being imported with incorrect orientation.
  • Fixed issue where some multi-mesh 3D assets were being imported as a single mesh.
  • Fixed issue where the Decal master material was being applied to some 3D assets.

Open up Quixel Bridge and you’ll find the new plugin waiting to be installed! Let us know what you think in the comments - if you’ve got any suggestions, please let us know!


The plugin has a bug where the megascans settings get reset every time the editor is closed. Already reported it in the quixel forums but thought I’d report it here as well.

Good catch! Be sure to report it via so my team can log the issue and have our plugin devs correct this going forward.