UE 4.27 - Returned Impact Normals Are Wrong?!

Ok so I was trying to implement a feature into the ALS system but it wasn’t working…upon further investigation I came to realize that the Impact normals being returned were garbage…they are just plain wrong and I don’t know what could cause it…

Here I will show you the printed results from a character standing on a 40 degree angle…the results from the ALS Project are wrong and the one from the other is what it’s supposed to look like.



Again I was standing on a surface with a 40 degree slope and simply running a line trace down to the ground in both. In fact I copied the function directly from the correct project over to the ALS one just to prove this.

The one in the ALS project has a vector that is pointing straight up as though it were a flat surface and sometimes it prints out some angle like x=0, y=-0.3667, z= -0.7xxx

So I feel a bit dumb after this…The issue was that I had 6 other actors in the level all printing out their values and I also had the surface rotated along a different plane…I never even considered that to be causing the values to invert.