UE 4.27 Preview - UE as a lib

From the UE 4.27 Preview release notes:

“UE-As-Lib. With UE-As-Lib, you can build the UE4 runtime as a library and interact with it through a minimal, built-in API. This API starts UE4, optionally accepting a command-line and window handle, updates (ticks) it, receives Windows messages and can shut it down. You can expand the API to suit your needs, exposing any existing or new functionality for external use.”

Has anyone find a way to test this? I have scanned the engine source code and tried to find the mini API referred to in the release notes but with no luck. The notes also mention the possibility to build the runtime as a library but have not found that either.

Did you find a way to test this? I am also interested in it.

Hi, no I have not found a way for this yet. Let you know when I do.

There is now documentation on this:

The API is in the module UELibrary and is only for Win64 currently.

Great, many thanks for that!

By the way, did you find the Sample in the UE Folder /Samples/Apps/UELibraryProject/ as referred to in the documentation? I couldn’t find it.

I haven’t looked for it yet. But the page I linked to was broken until I reported on the forum. It seems like there is a disconnect between the release note and the team doing the work. So it doesn’t surprise me that its missing more stuff.

I just looked and I can’t find it either. I did find the commits on github: https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/search?q=UELibrary&type=commits
The first one mentions the two samples, but I don’t see them anywhere. I think I’ll file a bug report and see what they say.

Sample Code can download from here