UE 4.27 can't view levels in content browser

Hi, I’m new to unreal engine. When opening my project I get “Failed to load map! project.umap appears to be asset file”. I saw similar questions on this forum and tried switching to a starter map and then switch back to my project map but none of the umap files appear in the content browser. The project was built and is being edited in the same version (4.27.2). My game exe works just fine. How do I get my project to see the umap files for my levels?

HI, I have just had same issue (in 4.27.2) and only way I could fix was by deleting the map in the content folder (windows explorer) and copying and pasting one from a backup, as soon as I did this it appeared in the UE4 folder and I just had to assign it in the project settings. I assume it was corrupt, sadly this this was the best I could do. I lost work from before my last backup save but luckily it seems only in the Level BP.