UE 4.27.2 livelink Virtual camera and Gamevice

I’m trying to enable a virtual camera in 4.27.2… the documentation makes no mention of the livelink virtual camera plugin (and there’s little documentation on it), but I’ve found that without it enabled, the live link camera app doesn’t connect.

So, got it to connect by enabling the plugin, however, none of my gamevice controls work. is there additional setup that needs to be done? Is it broke?

Hi! We are a team meddling with VP based in Greece and we might be able to help you.

i have used VirtualCamera in UE4 including and up to 4.27.2 so i may be able to help you. As an overview and from memory i do not recall any issue using it although i cannot tell you if i learnt from the UE documentation or from a tut on youtube.
Generally you need to
i.add the virtualCameraActor (is this the one you are using?)
ii.enable it (it is a checkbox close to the top of the ‘Details’ panel of the VCam component and
iiI. connect it to the live link for the transform (just below the ‘Enable’ checkbox mentioned above.
this is the very high level overview - if you still have problems give us a shout!


Hi David

The problem is that the gamevice controllers don’t work, I can get everything else, meaning, the ipad connects, I get the image and the viewport changes when I move around… just none of the buttons or camera movement with the joysticks. I followed the documentation (which doesn’t quite match) and looked at several tutorials.

Ok, so I did some more testing, both on 4.27.2 and 5, on the same machine and found a solution, but first what I observed:

The current documentation is incomplete or incorrect. It currently states to use the new Livelink Vcam app (that has the pinkish red screen), but has the older instruction set for the Unreal Remote 2 app. In 4.27.2, it does connect, but doesn’t give you the controls that are provided by the GameVice device (although it says in the documentation that it will)

When testing in UE5, I can’t get it to show up in Livelink at all.

So I installed UE Remote 2, and lo and behold, everything works, both in 4.27.2 and UE5, although the right thumbstick, when used, has this annoying ticking sound coming from the screen (need to find out what that is).
Epic, please update your documentation

Glad you got through it - sorry i ddint fully realise the question - have a good one and hope the EG guys get down to your suggestion - will help next folk! David-out