UE 4.26 Preview 2 continuously removing from Queue

So I was trying to download the UE26 Preview 2 but it won’t let me. When I started it initially I think it downloaded some of it and then I turned off my computer and went to bed. Today however it wouldn’t start at all, I launched Epic Games Launcher…It starts resuming, couple of seconds later 1-2 to be precise…it just drops out of the queue, so I press resume…same thing…So I removed it and tried fresh…same thing…I searched on here for similar problems and tried two other solutions that worked for earlier versions but they didn’t help in this case. Anyone have any suggestions?

I finally figured it out, apparently the file must have become corrupt or something was lost by the Epic Games Launcher, Probably due to my PC shutting down abruptly, I remember now I got a Blue Screen because one of my ram sticks is bad and I haven’t taken the time to try and single out which one it is.

The Solution: I had to go into Program Files/ Epic Games Launcher/ and delete the folder that the incomplete download was stored in and it started downloading again after that.