Ue 4.26.2 - High Memory Usage in Editor - Level Streaming

Hi all,

I am working on an open world project.

My Map is divided in small square.

Every square is filled up with 10-15 sublevels.

Every Sublevel is driven by a Blueprint streaming method and Streaming level is enabled.

Unfortunatly, I am getting those issues:

  1. In editor, I have something like 40 gb of memory usage (at this time isn t a problem but it will be as soon as it’ll hit 90 gb)

  2. Opening the project is dramatic: although all of my levels aren’t visible neither loaded (they are data driven loaded by my blueprint), i get something like 2-3 minutes before Ue4 opens the main island.

Questions are:

  1. how I can avoid having sublevels loaded in memory in Editor (in standalone game they are loaded and unload right)?

  2. how can I speed up opening the project?

  3. Maybe I am missing a setting of a level streaming here or there?

I have had a check on the forum. there was a dev times ago said that you’have had to enable level streaming: I have it enabled but the trick didn’t worked.

Why are my sublevels loaded automatically? - Unreal Engine / Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

Thanks for your time