UE 4.26.1 - Movie Render Queue: "ghost" image between cut

Hi all, When I launch a rendering session in Movie Render Queue (several sequences on several maps or a single sequence) it appears at each CUT (changing camera in sequencer camera cut) as a ghost image … I specify that these are several cameras with fixed lens (lens prime) … When the cinematic lasts a few minutes (and 24 ips) a desynchronization inevitably follows with the loss of an image at each transition). I tested the rendering by disabling Postprocess / Raytracing … still the same. Settings movie render queue is defined in the image in PJ.
If someone already has the same problem, please tell me how to remove these visual aberrations.


Rendering at 2800x1400
2.0 ratio
filmback 24x12

Hi there,

I’m not sure if this will help but just in case…

Unreal usually has a flash frame at the start of each sequence when the in point is the first frame. So essentially, if you trim each cut so that there is at least one frame prior to the in point of each edit, it should fix it.

To put it another way – if your master sequence is made up of a bunch of sub-sequences, the sub sequence is essentially your source media in a traditional editing program. Keeping with the analogy, you need to make sure that every cut starts on at least frame 2 of the source footage or you will see a flash frame every time you make an edit.

Actually, re-reading the question, it doesn’t seem like these are full frames so probably not very helpful. Still, I’m wonder if it’s somehow related to the antialiasing/motion blur referencing the prior frame? Might be worth trying to slip the shots a frame to rule it out just in case.

Hi **R3belScum007, thanks for your prompt reply. **
Yes, the solution would have been to trim each shot …
The problem is that I work with very limited deadlines / budget which hardly gives me time to “tweak”.
By having an animation solution such as Sequencer / movie render queue, it is above all to have a way of “wedging” the shots and sequences in a formula like “ready for editing” … Basically, “Sequencer” is already made to directly edit his plans and even to synchronize them with a soundtrack. Sequencer had the advantage of being a little “wysiwyg” while Movie Render Queue, we can have surprises (chaotic cloth simulation … especially with the hair). However, the rendering and the processing ergonomics are not the same.

On the other hand, the fact of retouching each “shot” (and there are several dozen of them) and cleaning them (because trimming shots) in the usual editing interface … is not really what we would have liked. I will try somes settings (motion blur,AA) and see what happend! Thanks for your support.

I just found out you have the same problem.
Imho - it’s related to anti-aliasing. Anti aliasing composes image of of the previous and the present frame. It’s like a blend of those two.
So for the “0” frame it has no frame before so it takes a default camera and blends those two.

Turn off Anti-aliasing and it looks fine, but the image quality drops.

Did you find any solution to this?

This is my thread - check the images:

Set up on frame -1 can likely fix the first frame so the first render frames does have oneto blend with.

Nope… not yet, but I can not do without the current quality (AA - 32 passes).
You have to rely on the developers, they will quickly notice the problem and fix it for us in the next update … (well, I hope!)
Link below show the result with Movie Render Queue AA

is it this?

Oh yes, it this… but it’s not the solution (for multiple camera cut). Thanks for sharing!