UE 4.25 Freezes whenever you try to launch your game?

Yesterday I decided to download 4.25 and I made a simple game, with a main menu and a single level. When I packeged the game for windows and I attempted to play it. When i clicked on my start button (Which has On Click Event -> Open Level (Level1). Thats the only thing it has) the game just Froze. I opened task manager and the game wasn’t responding. I closed it. When back to the engine and tried playing it from there. When I click play using the “Play in the Editor View” it works fine. I click the button, and it opens the level. Everything was fine. Then I decited to click on the Launch Button. So it Launches the game from the engine or if i try to select “Play as a standalone game” option from the drop down menu, and I click the button, the same problem happens, it just freezes. though maybe its something with a blueprint. So I made a Fresh project Blank one, made 2 GameModes one for the Menu one for the Game itself, made a controller, HUD, and 2 levels and a single wiget with one button. The other level was just with 2 cubes and a Player Start. Even on a fresh project with minimal to no blueprints on the normal Play it works on the Launch or Play as a Standalone Game it freezes. I really don’t understand. I don’t know why its happening.