UE 4.25. Alembic Hair. Q&A Part 2. Official answers from the community

Official answers from Epic Games (Unreal Community) to various questions about Alembic hair in Unreal Engine 4.25-26. Part 2

In this video we will talk about:

→ How does Nick Rutlinh’s hair&fur shader work?

→ Why is it worth switching to version 4.25?

→ How to work with wool and its simulation?

→ Can I add LODs for Alembic Hair For games?

→ How to enable debug mode for hair and what modes are there?

→ How to interact with the hat and the wind?

→ What problems are still with the hair shader?

Video content:

0:00 - Lesson topic.

0:32 - Acknowledgments

2:03 - Nick Rutlinh hair shader. Demonstration of work.

3:45 - EuMelanin and Pheomelanin

4:19 - Blending with texture with TextureBlend

5:01 - Random Melanin

6:14 - Grey Hair

6:37 - Dye Color

7:58 - Problem with Roughness.

9:17 - Reply from Epic Games

10:19 - Why is there an urgent need to switch to 4.25?

12:22 - New ideas of working with wool. Official answer. What will be added in 4.26?

13:59 - Alembic Hair for Games / LODs?

15:44 - Debug Mode for hair

16:23 - Interacting with objects and wind

Enjoy watching!

Best regards, Andrew Krivulya aka Charly.

hello …i am facing problem with the root uv texture … i am using yeti which exports “unreal abc”

I don’t use Yeti. So I can’t help you with right export. With Xgen and Ornatrix - everything fine. So I think this problem in Yeti and you should ask the developers of this plugin =)

ok but is there a way to correct uv in unreal using hair attributes ?

in xgen i had this issue when exporting

When I use hair, UE can’t pack, output log prompts is "Groom’s material is not set and will fallback on default hair strands shader in editor."Can you help me answer this question?

Just watch the first part of this series. I showed. how to Flip UV and etc. But I think this is not UV issue… This is hair dense issue. Right side is more dense and left side is less. I see this bug firstly and don’t know how to fix it… sorry. Very strange.

Please record a video with this issue and I will speak with the developers and will record an answer in the next part of this tutorial series.

Hi, I’m having a problem with hair physics, the physics is reversed, when the character moves forward, the hair goes forward and when the character moves back the hair backwards, ignoring the laws of physics, the same happens for the sides, everything is reversed, how can I solve?

If anyone can help me, please.

Follow the video link.