UE 4.23: Problem with Sphere/Box Trace after updating from 4.21

Good day everyone. We’ve got a problem after updating our project from UnrealEngine 4.21 to UnrealEngine 4.23. Previously, nothing serious happened after updating, but at this moment we’ve met a problem with Box Trace or Sphere Trace - it just stop detecting anything. Same problem if you update project to 4.22. Through trial and error we were able to determine that if Box or Sphere were sized into parallelepiped or capsule, everything starts working just fine. I am adding some screenshots to show you how it looks:

Sphere Trace - No detect

No detect - BP example

Detection is working when sphere trace is capsule.

Detection is working when sphere trace is capsule - BP example

So, does anyone know what can cause this problem, and how it can be fixed without making a brand new project in 4.23?


EDIT: They’ve fixed this in 4.24

Hi. I’m facing the same issue. Here’s my answers post https://answers.unrealengine.com/que…7362/view.html

The problem arises when the start and end are the same vector location. I did not try it in a fresh 4.23 project though. Did you? Does it work in a fresh project?