UE 4.23 - Distortion inside WMR HMD

Just fixed WMR plugin with help from this topic…ibrary-ue-4-23
And now I facing a new problem: The image inside my HMD distoreted at the top and and the bottom of internal HMD displays, while everything alright at my pc’s monitor.
The distortion looks like vSync lack, but turning it on (with r.VSync=1 or BP nodes) doesn’t help.
The version packaged from same source with UE 4.22 has no such problem. Other apps has no such problem.
This should have something with new default setting of the engine or WMR plugin.
Can someone experienced in UE’s VR develop land me a hand?

P.S. I found temporal solution to this problem:
Just switched to OpenXR driver in UE and turned it on on Mixed Reality portal.
It works pretty much the same WMR driver, so I’ll stick to that until problem maybe fixed in next release…

Hi, I’m having the same problem.

Can you explain what you mean by “Just switched to OpenXR driver in UE”?


Hi! Im sorry, din’t noticed your question earlier. If it’s still relevant:
I disabled “Windows Mixed Reality” plugin in the Edit > Plugins tab, and Enabled OpenXR plugin.
Currently it’s only working way to use WMR VR with UE4 without huge steamVR API.

Ah, thanks. I thought I tried that. But I’ll give it another try because we are having severe problems with WMR at the moment! Maybe it will fix those too.