UE 4.23.1 - Chaos & Geometry Collection - Divers Problems

Hi there,

Our team have come across some problems when creating and editing geometry collections, maybe someone can help us or just tell us that these things are known as bugged and will be worked on in the future.

1.) Box Collision:
When creating a Geometry Collection, it seems that the box collision is bugged.
The bounding box is way off and weirdly rotatet.
Here are some screenshots of some custom testing meshes and basic unreal cubes:
(The seems to be the case for the assets in the Chaos Demo project)

2.) Fracturing Preview:
As it seems the preview of the fracturing tool actually shows a completely different geometry than what you’ll end up with.
For us it was always the case, here is an example of what we mean:

3.) Unfracture:
Just wanted to ask if there such a feature and we just don’t see it. It can be quite time consuming fracturering stuff with a wrong preview and then ending up with an unwanted result so you have to delete the whole thing and start from scratch. An unfracture button would be great, if possible.

4.) (edit) Landscape Collision:
Is there a way to let geometry collections react/collide with the landscape at the moment or will this be something for the future?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Oh man I was sincerely hoping that there was some sort of “unfracture” feature that I’ve been missing. It’s absolutely essential to be able to do this, especially with myself being new to the Chaos plugin and not entirely certain of the outcome of each action. Takes 10 times as long to test the plugin. :confused: