UE 4.22 - Custom Depth Stencil Pass causes crashes & hudge performance impact, why?

Hi, i bought the “Outliner” product from Void Lantern at Epic´s Market Place, it requires to enable “Custom Depth-Stencil Pass” with option “Enable with Stencil” at UE´s Project settings, but… just by enable it…. OMG, my entire frame rate drops down to cero every time an spawner starts, whenever an actor appears in the game, the frame rate drops completly down to cero for 1 or 2 seconds each time, this hintch wich pauses the game for that time its even worst if the spawners are loaded with a sublevel, some o my actors have Niagara effects, no idea if this has anything to do, or if any option inside each actor can cause it, but if spawners already created about 15 actors (1 every 5 seconds), my Project might even crash; just by disable “Custom Depth-Stencil Pass” and restart Project, everything goes back to normal, smooth frame rate, cero issues… but, i canot use the outline anymore to any BP.

What can i do? should i just ask my money back or is there something i can do to fix the Depth issue? I do need the outline.

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