UE 4.22.3 is having messed up meshes?

I was using it 2 days ago and it was working fine, I saved the file went somewhere and came back and now it’s all messed up. Now what is happening, I spent so much time on it and I really need this back please… Anyone…

Not really a C++ issue.

We can’t really help without knowing what’s happened. ‘Messed up’ could mean many things so it might be fixed by changing a setting, or it might be more severe than that.

If you’re using source control, it’s probably easier to just revert back to a known good state.

I am new and don’t know all these terms, I don’t even know what C++ is I just wanted to make a game and I followed a tutorial.

That’s OK. Just as a bit of info, C++ is the programming language that’s used to make games in Unreal although many people choose to use Blueprints. I don’t think your question will get much attention here because the C++ area really is focused on programming questions, not general issues. You might have more success in ‘Using UE4’. When you do post though, please try and include as much information as possible. There are so many things that can go wrong that ‘messed up’ doesn’t really give anyone enough information to help you. Try and describe what you were doing, what happened right before it went wrong and exactly what the problem is now (use screenshots if you can).