UE 4.21 with OpenGL 4.2 (Intel Ivy Bridge & Linux)

Hi. I have Intel i5 Ivy Bridge (Intel HD 4000) running under Linux (Debian Sid).

Tried to run Unreal Engine 4.21 but figured out it needs full support for Vulkan (UE4 does not say it but other apps mention that Vulkan support is not complete for Ivy Bridge).

So I used -opengl but it says it requires OpenGL 4.3 but I only have 4.2 (no, there are not newer drivers).

Is there any way to run UE 4.21 or which is newest version I can use?

Asking here because building the engine takes hours which would be pain with all UE4 versions.

I think the last version of UE4 that works with -opengl3 is 4.18.

which version of unreal does opengl 4.2 support?