UE 4.21 - Every Trigger volume stoped working, cant get inside (overlap) - Image att - ASAP

Hi, i just loaded my Project in UE 4.21 but suddenly i cannot enter to any Trigger Volume, like if all of them have collisions enable, even if i grabb a default “trigger volumen” and add it to my viewport, i cant enter to trigger them… they behave like blocking volumes, also all my “blocking volumes” that only have “overlap” or “Query Only” (no collisions) i cant enter either… why? what can i do? is this another bug in UE 4.21?

BTW…The only new thing i did was install the free plugin: “Dialogue plugin” and I havent touched anything in the settings…. it just happened and also every time i load my Project, an “untitled” level appears….like if i did not had any level loading by default, so i have to reload my main level every time.

Here is my configuration for Blocking Volumes, my character should be able to acces them (get inside) because they do not have any collision, just overlap.