UE 4.21 - Destructible mesh´s inside material and BP not working, why? images attached


I simply had to select a material for the inside of the desructed chunks to add a diferent material for those insides…but… it doesn´t work, why?

Also if i add the destructible mesh as a BP with “destructible” it doesn´t appear

Please help

In the Rendering category, there is a thread saying that Epic went with a Blast plug-in from nVidia.


But we do not have Blast at the engine… Not even Epic Market Place has Blast, Ápex is the in-built destructible system, is there a way to fix Apex?

if not…why Unreal hasn´t include this plugin yet or fix Apex…?

I guess they abandoned it like Paper2D.

Bit of a tangent on what OP was asking about, but I’m brand new to the engine and content creation, so please indulge me.

So let me get this straight: Unreal CAN handle destructible 3D objects? What about environments? Could one create a system along the lines of the landscape rendering in “Life is Feudal Your Own,” in which a game entity can take a pick axe and whack on the ground and after enough whacks transform the landscape, creating a hole, and if continued long enough: a mine shaft?

Nop, that´s a different concept, minecraft uses voxels, because as i know… Unreal has a limited number of debris for the destructible system and you canot save your progress while destructing, voxels do, because you can use them to reshape… but a heavy task to develope, maybe years, you can also use this product: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/voxel-plugin

I guess what Unreal really should do, is create a new powerfull system for Unreal that supports both, voxel deformation and destructibles in a single system… and OMG… Unreal Will be on top as game engine.

Well ■■■■! If that plugin works well, $100 is well worth adding that level of functionality to UE4!