UE 4.21 BUG REPORT - Ortographic view and wireframe crashes the editor

Hi, I converted my 4.20 Project to the latest UE 4.21, but now…. i canot use any ortographic view, choosing any of them(top,bottom, left, etc), crashes my proyects, it also crashes if i choose wireframe mode.

What can i do?

Do you have a backup? I’ve been bitten too many times to not use source control & make a backup of my directory before migration. Unfortunately you can’t roll back once you go forward.

Yes i have a backup,

but every time i move from UE 4.20 to UE 4.21 i have the same problem, it just happens to my biggest level (persistant) wich has the most amount of objects, if i try the same but at a level with Little amount of objects (smaller level or new level) i have not any problem at all, i can change to top view without any crashing, what you think this could be?.

Not sure as I’m having issues with debug editor on source release myself. I can’t test multiple clients without throwing exceptions

I recently discovered that UE also crashes my persistant openworld level when i choose wireframe mode.

Please help!