UE 4.20 and AI updates


on this page

it says "AI

  • Bug Fix: Updates have been made to the Instance Prepare Context Function of Env Query which will now return vectors and rotators now ignore Invalid Location and Invalid Rotation.
  • Bug Fix: Updates have been made so the Env Query Item Type_Actor of Get Item Location function and Env Query Item Type_Actor of Get Item Rotation function now return Invalid Location and Invalid Rotation instead of 0 when the hosted Actor pointer is set to null.
  • Bug Fix: The On Listener Forgets Actor function of AI Sense_Sight now removes queries only relating to the actor being forgotten.
  • Bug Fix: The AI Sense Config Blueprint and AI Sense Blueprint no longer show up in class drop-downs when selecting AI senses.
  • Bug Fix: Donut EQS generator no longer fails if inner radius is set to 0.
  • Bug Fix: THe Env Query Manager and Behavior Tree Manager classes are now transient to avoid being accidentally serialized.
  • Improvement: The Get Raw Value Ptr function of AI Data Provider Value is now accessible from outside of the AI Module
  • Improvement: Additional functions from Blueprint Node Helpers are now exposed in the AI Module’s API.
  • Improvement: More public properties from AI Controller have now been exposed to Blueprints.

Behavior Tree

  • Bug Fix: The correct tooltips for Composite Behavior Tree nodes are now displayed in the Editor.
  • Bug Fix: The Rotate To Face BB Entry Behavior Tree Task now properly faces the location of the target agent."

Concerning the last point of AI “…more public properties from AI Controller have now been exposed to Blueprints”
Does it also include the “CanBeSeenFrom” function to make the AI react to the player’s head instead of its center? If so, how can it be found?
Are there also updates about the Detection by Affiliation ?
I also got now some issues with “Event On Possess”. At EventOnPossess I cast to the AIClasses. It succeeds and fails at the same time.
Using OnPerceptionUpdated (AIPerception): When I want one NPC to react to other NPCs it doesn’t work anymore. I let him iterate through all actors with a foreach-Loop and print whether he could find one or not. It returns always false.
The Damage-Sense-Perception used to work in 4.19.2. But now it returns always false, too.

I am experiencing a very similar problem as well that makes it difficult for me to update my marketplace template. Been working tirelessly to find a solution to this day. It seems Epic has a habit of breaking pre-existing features with their so-called ‘improvements’.

My AI will no longer fire at their enemies or even the player anymore.

I tried to create a minimal setup using the EQS Testing Pawn and it crashed my editor. Also having issues with this.

EQS used to crash in 4.20 the whole time. Especially when I move the testing pawn in the world or deleting a composite node. I haven’t check whether this still happens in 4.21 yet.