UE 4.18 stays at initializing... 45%

When I launch UE 4.18 it says initializing… 45% and stay stuck please help me solve this problem

Edit:Sorry for grammar bad keyboard.

Thanks. Now I can Create Games

Could be a couple of things. If you start a project for the first time on a machine, it loads several data in some sort of outsourcing file to load the project faster. The infiltrator demo takes about 10 or more minutes to load up (the first time) on my computer.

Then there is a known “issue” after you activate a rendering option in the project settings, (forwardshading? I’m don’t know anymore,) where the project also gets stucked on loading because it has to recalculate data.

Just give it some time. Otherwise check the log, maybe there’s some more information about when exactly the load process gets stucked or crashes.

Best regards - Lord7even

You’re welcome. Have fun creating cool stuff!