UE 4.18 Setting static mesh on foliage type freezes Editor

I am following Unreal docs - Procedural Foliage tutorial.

First we import Open world demo collection from market place and create a **Procedural folliage spawner
Open world demo collection **is 6.4 gigs BTW.

At step 2 I have to create a foliage type.and I do.

Then I have to set its mesh to a tree from imported content

I select and its stuck period. Waited half an hour last time. Had to restart manually using restart button on Motherboard.
In addition to that it consumes 50 - 60% of my CPU && RAM?! I run a I7 7700K.
I usually see Issues with my disk because I don’t own an SSD. But here disk consumption is just 0.1%?!

I don’t know what’s going wrong?, this happens every single time. It just freezes editor, if I leave it alone for half an hour or so it freezes everything.

I have the same problem with the same pack that you have… the 6,4 gigs. Whenever I try to drag a tree ( static mesh) and make a foliage, it crashes and i have to close the ue4 from task manager… It’s weird, I’m happy that it’s not happening only to me… but if you look to the Marketplace at the “Open world demo collection” comments, you will see that there are more people with this issue. It’s the pack not the computer or something else… It’s frustrating, I know.

I thought my PC was bad. I think the sheer size of the pack is causing the issue.

I’ve thought about deleting all the unnecessary assets and materials, but there were so many materials and textures connected to the tree I needed, I just didn’t do it. I chose some other set free of assets. That pack I guess should be subdivided into 5 or even 10 packs, who is going to use every single tree / grass type? We can stick with a few. They can just categorize based on type of trees or something of a kind.

same problem with me as well. Unreal freezes while importing the static meshes(Trees) of the Open world demo collection.Can anyone explain why is it hapening???