UE 4.18.2 - How to create a realistic AI group of animals walking in herds?

Hi guys,

First time in here, first post, I´m just about learning Unreal,

I want to create a game where animals herb like in real life, these animals get old and die, so i want all AI animals of each species to be arround the oldest member of that species or close to an alpha, insteed of following player as most tutorials teach, also i want this herds not to be so large, this way like in real life, some animals become outcast and might be killed by a predator.


A) How to create AI clans? Like predator - prey or more specific: lions - antílopes (to avoid Lions killing lions for example) or females and males.

B) How to define age to each AI? so after every 24 hours of game play an AI character is “born” it starts getting old and then die automaticaly after another 24 hours of continuous gameplay

C) How to make an AI character to follow not a player but another AI character? (the oldest member or an special alpha animal defined ramdomly during play)

D) How to create a limit of AI characters for each herd? (defined since the Alpha or oldest animal´s visión range for example.

Since i´m a newbie right now and my questions might sound pretty advanced, if you know how to do this, i will much appreciate some pics or detailed steps, I haven´t found video tutorials for this at YouTube, if you find one please share, i belive this topic will help many people.

Thanks a lot guys!

I hope I become a nice visitor around and sorry for my decadent english LOL

No one ever responded? It took me five tutorials to come up with a simple roaming system that actually works. I’m 0-Behavior Tree (patrol points still don’t work) and some of the other vidoes had extra step performed off-camera that threw everything off. I still need something similar to set up the animal relationships.

Hi, If you can please share video tutorials in youtube, I actually never found a way to make them communicate, stay close, run if there is any danger, migrate etc…BUT, I never use UE AI system (Behavior Trees) because once you reach 200 actors… there is massive FPS drops and AI starts crashing, freezing, so I only use Blueprint AI, but of course… no tutorials so my systems are pretty basic.