UE 4.18.2 Always Crash and make the display driver stopped responding and has recovered windows 7

Recently I’ve updated my UE 4 into 4.18.2 and it always crash everytime I opened my Project! Unlike 4.17.1 that runs smooth with my laptop, this newest version never allowed me to open my project.
The Error says that My Intel Display Driver Has Stopped Responding And Has Recovered Successfully.
I’ve tried everything to fix this error, starting from Changing my VGA driver Visual Effect into Performance Mode, adding TDR into registry system and updating my VGA but none of these giving me a solution. :frowning:

Btw my VGA is Intel HD 3000.

I hope somebody could give me a solution.

Try removing cache folders from your project. Maybe it’s some rogue engine’s config.
/Intermediate, /Saved - anything what’s not uploaded to server/VCS.

Too late, I’ve already uninstalled it and reinstalled the 4.17.2 version and it is working smoothly.
I hope Epic Game team could notice this and fix the problem.

For my long time experiencing errors like this, , believeme, put out your RAM from you computer, use some alcohol to clean & put it back (not wet), , do same for GPU, you errors will dissapear 99.9&%

Hi I have same issue and uninstall Google chrome fix it. it 3 day now whit no crash.