UE 4.18.2 - AI Controller´s Rotation Right to Left with Behaivour Tree it´s too fast, why?

How can i slow down the turn Right, turn left speed, my AI really looks like a robot patrol when usin Behaiviour Tree and an AI Controller, the character turns right to left very fast, not natural, how can i solve this and make it smoother?

please some steps or picture, im a newbie.


Behavior tree does not control pawn rotation. It makes decisions and you need to have the Character BP rotate the Pawn.

I figured out that too, my problem is that everybody is making video tutorials with unreal base character, and i´m not using it, and base character already has some stuff like inputs and everything done, so people just jump to Behaivour Tree and other things without ever showing how to propertly set the movement of an Ai Character, obviously my custom character is making decisions and patrolling or searching but none tutorial explained how to make right to left movement smoother and real, it just turns like in a fraction of a second from 0 to 180° like a robot an all my characters have custom design, custom rigs so i wont just retarget to unreal base mesh, i have to do everything and most tutorials start with inputs, animations and many other settings already done, never focus on that.

Do you know a video tutorial for setting the Right-Left movement speed of an AI Character BP so it happens smoothly and not like patroling robots?

I added a couple of images of my config, if you know how, please show me how to smooth my right to left move by uploading a pic, thanks


OMG…Cero answers, this forum is dead, 4 posts and only 2 people wrote in 1 week.

Well, i found myself a bit a solution still not great…but i want to share, because i think sharing is great:

I discovered that the main issue in my fast moving figures from right to left was that my characterBluePrint(self) had “use controller rotation yaw” checked, this way AI Controller was just making fast turns and i couldn´t fix it in my momement tab, so i unchecked this option and tan i went to CharacterMovement(Inherited) and in the “Character Mocement (Rotation Settings)” option lowered the speed of Z to 50, and now voila, smooth rotations.

My only problema now, is that my AIController or BT is making my figure to slide unnaturally, like sometimes it slides bacwards insted of making a turn, and some time it slides my carácter to the right very unnatura until complet the rotation, lik if my carácter didn´t had a tunr rotation, so it rotates it in idle LOL

Well that was my Discovery, feel free to reply