UE 4.17 PREVIEW 1 not saving on compile success

UE 4.17 PREVIEW 1 Editor not saving on compile success in blueprints…

Hi cedricwaltercson,

Thank you for the report. This is a known issue that has been fixed in our latest internal build. You should see this working in the final release version of 4.17.


except its not fixed in the released version, same issue. compile a blueprint and save, close project and reopen same blueprint says its dirty and needs recompiled, it simply wont save it.

Hi iamjohngalt1975,

I just tested this using a new project in 4.17.1. I set Save on Compile to ‘On Success Only’ in the Editor Preferences > Created a BP > Made a simple setup with a Print String > Compiled > Restarted the editor.

Are you doing anything different? Are you also seeing this in a new project or is it only happening in your personal project?