UE 4.16 not showing in launcher and add versions is greyed out

My add versions button is greyed out and version 4.16 is not showing as an option to install. I’ve tried re installing, shutting down and rebooting both my computer and the launcher to try and get it to show with no luck.

Since UE 4.17 Is the latest version the “Add Versions” Button is grayed out also 5.16 might not be there because you might not have installed a update see if there is an launcher update

Thanks! I updated it yesterday but for some reason it only gave me the option to add 4.16 this morning but it’s installing now so thanks again!

No Problem! Happy to help!

A+ answer. Worked like a charm.

Epic Game can’t launched UE v5.16 , Your typing mistake is UE v4.16.