Ue 4.16 editor can not read blueprints

Yesterday i used ue 4.16 editor and everything was working well but today when i launched it, editor couldn’t read blueprints and widgets.

here is editor

and here is folder with blueprints

Have you tried resetting the filter?

Yes, but it still doesn’t work

Try manually moving the affects assets out of the folder and move them back it. This is a bit strange, I admit.

It dosen’t work too. I also tried to do it when the editor was running, but i had this communicate

A couple of questions:

  • Could you confirm that you are moving them out of and back into the project folder in Windows Explorer (so, not in the engine’s content browser)?
  • Are these *.uasset files copied from another project?
  • Did it start happening all of sudden or after updating to a newer engine version?
  1. yes
    3)it started happening sudden

Have you tried to verify the engine in the launcher ?