UE 4.15 D3d11 crash

People seem to be getting a D3D11 crash with the following stack. With the following error showing up. Any ideas what is causing this? We have UE 4.15

Hi Pewbot,

We are aware of the d3d hung issue and have made ticket for all of the different cases: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-42280)

Look at the ticket for a small list of workarounds that may help the issue.

If you want a quick and easy workaround that seemed to help a lot of people do the following.

Open the editor, open the Content Browser, select View Options (eye icon bottom right), and uncheck Real-Time Thumbnails. Source: here Thank You: IronicParadox



Hello Ed,

I had already sent the link to the user and they tried all the possible solutions listed. None of them worked.

I’m sorry for the situation, we are still investigating this issue. This is one of our most prominent crashes for the past two engine versions and we are actively trying to work on a solution.

Unfortunately, at this time the posted workarounds are all that we have. If those options don’t work I would recommend sticking with an engine version that isn’t crashing.

Still no solution???