UE 4.15.0 Mac UPROPERTY doesn't update Editor after build in Xcode or Compile in UE4Editor

To reproduce, generate a new C++ class and attach it to an object.

Switch to Xcode and add a UPROPERTY. Build, Compile, Etc.

Select the parent object for the class in UE4Editor.

In the Details tab, select the object. The UPROPERTY just defined and built doesn’t show in the available details.

Quit UE4Editor and relaunch the project.

Select the parent object for the class in UE4Editor, and the UPROPERTY now appears.

Not a crashing bug or anything, but inconvenient to have to quit and relaunch the project each time you want to see your new property in the editor.

MacOS Sierra 10.12.3, Xcode 8.2.1

Hello wallyfoo,

I’m not getting the same results you are when trying to reproduce this but there’s something from your reproduction steps that confuses me a bit. You mention generating a new C++ class and then attaching it to an object. Does the new C++ class need to be of a component type so that it can be added to an object or can it just be placed in the world? I did the following and didn’t see any issues:

  1. Created a blank C++ project
  2. Used the “Add C++ Class…” button to create a new C++ class based off of Actor named MyActor
  3. Added an instance of MyActor into the level
  4. Added the UPROPERTY declaration along with the variable declaration itself (I just made a int32 called MyInt) and set it to 5 as a default value
  5. Compiled
  6. Checked the details panel of the instance in the level and MyInt was there with the default value and was editable

I’ve not recreated my issue with a fresh project, either. Must be something specific to my project, then. Sorry to have troubled you.