UE 4.14.1 freeze


When I open Blueprint, Material or Mesh editor and try to change some values there, UE 4.14.1 and whole PC freeze and monitor is switched off. It doesn’t happen with UE 4.13. Is it a global problem or something specific with my PC? I run on my PC Win 7 with SP1.

Many thanks for any answer

Hi LeSill,

You might have a corrupt blueprint caused by a bad node setup. I did this once, and UE4 would lock up. The only way to fix it was to delete the offending Blueprint, and then paste its most recent backup from the \Saved\Autosaves\Game\Blueprints folder back in. Original thread here.

However, there’s a bunch of possibilities that could be causing this. Try to analyze your situation very specifically:

  1. Have you used 4.14.1 without any problems before today? If so, what was the most recent change you made in the Editor that could have caused the problem?
  2. If it doesn’t happen in 4.13.2, perhaps it’s because the offending blueprint doesn’t exist in that save of your project. Try opening a copy of your 4.13.2 project in 4.14.1 and see if the problem still exists.


Thanks for the advice. I have experienced the same problems with UE 4.14.0 and I have found on the forum, that more people had crash problems with that version. I thought it was not fixed in the version 4.14.1 , but after testing the other meshes in the blueprint I have discovered, that there is perhaps a problem with the mesh of the wing. Whenever I had the wing in a blueprint UE crashed. I will try to remodel that wing and let’s see if that helps.

You’re welcome. I’m glad you were able to narrow down the situation. Could it be that the wing was imported with “Keep Overlapping Vertices” enabled, and that somehow the double vertices might be causing the crash? If you open the wing model in a new project, and create a new blank blueprint for it (with nothing inside but the wing static mesh or skeletal mesh), does the Editor still crash? If not, then the crash was likely due to a node setup.


Unfortunately the problem was not fixed. I have made a new project, made a new model and when I have tried to edit its features in a mesh editor the UE 4.14.1 crashed, the display driver stopped working and PC got frozen. Do you think it could be a problem with not compatible graphic cards and drivers? I have my monitors connected to a graphic card GeForce GTX 480 and I use GTX Titan to calculate in another programs. I use the newest drivers. Many thanks for any advice.

Hi LeSill,

Since you are using GeForce, using the QFE for 4.14.1 might help. This QFE for instability reported on pre-Maxwell nvidia hardware.

You can download the QFE from this forum topic: