UE 4.12.5 and SE Standard Library Issue

We’re recently upgraded to 4.12.5 and everything went smooth … except, I receive this message every time I open the level

“This project requires he lowentryextendedstandardlibrary plug-in.
Would you like ot download it from the marketplace?”

I’ve confirmed that the LE Extended Standard Library was installed.
I’ve removed it from the engine
I’ve reinstalled it

The message keeps coming up. When I hit yet to download from the market place (even though it is installed) I receive “Whoops, we can’t find the page you requested.”

I can see no performance hit but it is a nuisance and I’d like it gone. Has anyone had this issue? Has anyone found a way to solve it or work around it permanently?

Thank in advance

I am having this exact issue, and it’s bugging me to death! If anyone has any insight, please spill the beans!

Clicking No on that dialogue box just takes you to the project, no consequences, but it is annoying to see, and I would like the library plugin’s functionality again!

I see today that an update for this plug-in has been applied. Unfortunately, attempting all I had before, the same problem continues to happen…help!

I believe that this issue has been previously addressed in the LowEntry plugins thread. You should look there.

If I am not mistaken, it is a bug with UE4.