UE 4.11.2 Install Failed - Prerequisites error E-1223 and R-23

I’m trying to install UE 4.11.2. After downloading the engine I was hit with a R-23 error, so I followed theses steps on Epic’s Support Center.

After uninstalling and reinstalled every version of Visual C++ from 2010 to 2013 and DirectX, I run the UE installation again. This time I got a E-1223 error. So I followed the advice given on this post. Now the R-23 keeps coming up.

My PC’s spec:
Win 7 x64,
CPU: 2.70 Ghz,
RAM: 5 GB,
Video Card: 1GB

Hi Phishy Phil,

If you are still experiencing trouble with the editor, please use the “Email Us” button on help.epicgames.com and fill out the form for additional assistance.