UE-36812 Not Resolved

I am still encountering this issue in relation to bug report UE-36812. My AI velocity zeros when using MoveTo (Ai MoveTo) and causes very slow movement and animation jitters. I cannot find any update on this issue. I have replicated it on other projects. I am on engine version 4.15.1 Is anyone else experiencing this?

Hey ShadowGames-Dev,

I’ve run through our repro for that issue, and the issue no longer reproduces following those steps.

Since you’ve been able to reproduce the issue in other projects, could you please provide me with a detailed list of repro steps that I can use to reproduce the issue on my end?



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Hi, Sorry, it has taken me a while to get back to this.

This issue is caused when the Navmesh over my tile-map is too wide. I sized down the width and somehow that resolved my issue. When i size up the Navmesh again the issue comes back. I can still replicate this in Unreal Engine 4.15.1.

If you would like i will video this and link to the video?

Please refrain from opening multiple questions relating to the same topic. I’ll follow up with you on your other thread: AI MoveTo - Slow and Jitter - AI - Unreal Engine Forums