UE-35852 AI Move To Location zeros velocity each call NOT FIXED!

I just updated our project from 4.12.5 to 4.13.1 and i’m experiencing exactly this issue with all our NPCs. Does anyone have a work-around for this ? I tried getting the velocity before the call and setting it again after but that doesn’t seem to be working in a reliable way.

Same issue here, been waiting so long for this wait. Saddened to find it wasn’t actually fixed

Hey Alex,
i got a pretty s-hitty work-around for you, but it works. Before calling AI MoveTo take the velocity, store it in a tempvector and restore the velocity after calling Moveto again. You might have to put a delay with 0.1 infront of all of that so if velocity was 0 it won’t override it again with 0.

Cheers for the workaround, any chance you could screenshot your Blueprint of how you fix it?

The delay is just there to ensure we are not setting 0 all the time.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile: Gonna try and write it in a C++ function since I have lots of calls to AI Move To; and if I remember correctly I was only able to call AI Move To in the main event graph (not BP functions) so I won’t be able to wrap this in a BP function :confused:

Really can’t understand how this isn’t fixed as it’s such a key function

Hello everybody,

First, thank you for the feedback. Secondly, sorry for the confusion as what was fixed was for “Move to Location” Blueprint node and not the “AI MoveTo” node. However, I have submitted a new issue ticket for the AI MoveTo Blueprint node. You can view it here:

For now, the Move To LocationBlueprint node should have the functionality to move to a position without the freeze.

The joys of having similar function names ;D Will look into using Move To Location

By the way, the issue has been marked as “Cannot Reproduce”. I haven’t had a chance to try it in 4.13.1 myself but if others still have an issue with this it would be good to let folks from Epic know.

Hey ostava,

The internal version (which is what the engineers are using when they say they cannot reproduce) is not the same version you or others have. It’s marked that way because the fix might of already been put in before the bug was written, which means the engineer responsible for fixing it doesn’t see the issue. This is good news as there is a very good possibility the fix will be in the next engine release.

Thanks for the clarification Kyle. By “the next release” you probably mean 4.14, correct? It’s just that I haven’t really seen any new CLs in 4.13 branch since the 4.13.1 patch so it looks like there are no plans to release a new hotfix (hopefully I’m wrong with this as well).

So the bug is still valid internally and is going back to the engineer. I cannot verify which engine version it will be in. I can only say that my best guess would probably be 4.14.

still getting this bug in 4.14 preview 3 :frowning:

Hey R00dy,

Could you please create a new thread for this in the Bug Reports section of the Answerhub?



UPD: After some testing everything works fine.

still getting this bug in 4.14.2

I am still getting this bug now in 4.15.1!

Hi ShadowGames-Dev.

The two tickets that we previously have both been tested and closed as resolved in the 4.13.1 and 4.14 releases.

For the issue you are experiencing in 4.15.1, please follow the link in my signature to file a bug report for it.